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Felix Tin 1+ Beef & Chicken In Jelly – 400gm

  • Flavor: Beef & Chicken In Jelly
  • Suitable For Adult Cats
  • 100% Complete and Balanced
  • Source of omega 6 fatty acid
  • No added artificial flavorings, preservatives or colorants
Clever cats know what they want, especially at mealtimes! That’s why each recipe in this Felix® range of meals is made with quality ingredients and packed with deliciously tender pieces in succulent jelly that your cat can really get his teeth into. Felix – just irresistible! That’s not all! These tasty meals are also a source of essential Omega-6 fatty acids with the right combination of vitamins to satisfy 100% of your cat’s daily needs.

Whiskas Tin Chicken In Jelly – 390gm

Each can contains 390g wet food for your cat while a healthy 4kg adult cat required at least 300g to 400g balanced diet daily depending on cat’s activity level. It contains no artificial flavors, preservatives or colors but made of real fresh meat. Furthermore, each tin contains perfect amount of zinc to ensure healthy skin and coat.