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Sheba Classic Wet Adult Cat Food Tray in Terrine With Chicken – 85g

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  • Sheba Classic in Terrine Chicken is a Complete Wet pet food for adult cats.
  •   Sheba-Classic in Terrine Chicken combine traditional pate cat food recipes with a luxurious texture your cat will adore.
  • Classic cat food which has kept our feline friends purrrring for over 30 years.
  • 85g premium wet cat food trays with Chicken in Terrine.
  • A 100% Complete and Balanced wet cat food with no artificial colours or preservatives.

Sheba Select Slices Wet Adult Cat Food Tray in Gravy With Chicken – 85g

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  • Sheba Select Slices Wet Cat Food Tray Chicken in Gravy
  • High quality adult cat food that provides complete nutrition for your feline companion, ensuring they have all they need for a healthy life
  • Sheba select slices with chicken in gravy is a deluxe medley of tender cat food pieces in a delicious gravy
  • Convenient Sheba 85g wet cat food trays are gently prepared, with an exquisite flavour that cats love, time and again
  • Delicious Sheba cat food in gravy is made from select ingredients
  • Sheba select slices trays are quality wet cat food recipes made with no artificial colours or preservative

Sheba Fresh Choice Poultry Selection In Jelly Adult Cat Wet Food – (6x50gm)

  • Sheba Fresh Choice Poultry Selection In Jelly Pack Of 6 pouches of 50gm.
  • Flavors : 2xChicken, 2xPoultry And 2x Turkey.
  • Take care of your cat's daily nutritional need with the Sheba Fresh Choice poultry mixed collection.
  • Made with delicately sliced pieces of wet cat food served in a divine melting jelly, it is an ideal serving for fresh-tasting cat food every mealtime.
  • Convenient Sheba Fresh Choice 50g cat food pouches with Poultry are gently prepared in jelly with Chicken, Poultry and Turkey is made from select ingredients.
  • Cat food contains no artificial colours or preservatives.

Sheba Creamy Snacks Cat Treats Chicken – (4x12gm)

  • Resistance is futile with Sheba´s exquisite line of cat food and treats / Creamy snacks are splendid for special moments with your cat / Treats come in 12-g stick sachets, purr-fectly ready to eat
  • Delicious chicken snack with rich creamy texture / Each sachet contains less than 3 Percent fat and less than 10 Percent of recommended calorie intake for cats
  • A blissful squeeze from the sachet allows handfeeding to become a bonding moment between you and your cat, creating a special experience you will both love
  • Luxurious treating experience for you and your furry friend - feed up to one sachet per day / Fresh drinking water should always be available
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We believe that cats are truly special creatures. That's why we've designed Creamy Snacks - a gorgeous treat to seduce feline senses. Available in irresistible chicken flavour, the sachet format is designed for a long lasting and incredibly close handfeeding experience. This silky puree makes feeding Creamy Snakcs a pleasure for both you and your cat, keeping them by your side until the very last drop. They'll be purring and pawing for more.